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Is the shipping cost for the DIY boxes included in the price? 

No. Shipping price depends on location and shipping method.

Can they be shipped anywhere? 

Shipping is in the United States only. (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)

If they're shipped on Monday and Tuesday, what day do they arrive?

Depends on where we are shipping to. East coast takes about 2 days to arrive while Mid-west and west coast can take 3-5 days. However, during this pandemic, USPS is taking, on average, about a day or two longer to ship.

Any way to order just a cheese and fixings box - no meat?

A cheese box and a nut-free box will be available in the next few months. 

Corporate Gifting

Professionally-curated Cheese and Charcuterie gifts that are an experience like no other. Please send an email to Michael at cheeseandmeatclub@gmail.com

Does a cutting board come with every DIY purchase? 

The short answer is No. However, to receive the full cheese and charcuterie experience, we highly recommended adding a cutting board at checkout. They are an excellent quality bamboo cutting board.  

How are my items packaged?

To ensure quality standards, all of our perishables are packed in insulated, heat-resistant packaging with safe, re-usable ice packs. If you should also order dry goods, we neatly pack them around the other materials, enclosed in a sturdy, corrugated box. Note: In fall and winter months, we may not cold-pack our aged/cured cheeses and meats depending on the destination.

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How can I track my order?

If you are a registered customer at Cheese and Charcuterie, you will be able to track your order through the tracking Information e-mail sent to the email address entered during the checkout process; this e-mail will be sent once the package has shipped.

Can I create my own DIY Box?

Not at the moment. Cheese and Charcuterie prides itself on crafting DIY boxes that are second to none in both taste and presentation. We have carefully crafted each box to highlight the flavor profiles in each cheese and cured meat. Keep an eye out for more DIY boxes to be released in the next few months. 

Can I add to or substitute items into a DIY box?

Because our DIY boxes are specially crafted to fit not only a certain theme, but the area of the packing materials, we try not to make any substitutions. However, if you have any allergy concerns please send an email to cheeseandmeatclub@gmail.com. Certain products in our DIY boxes are seasonal and are sometimes not available. In these cases we will substitute a comparable product of equal quality.

Do you carry lactose-free cheeses?

If you are lactose intolerant it is important to know that most cheeses are safe to eat. Because lactose is primarily in the whey, and these are often discarded during the cheese-making process (the exception is in certain soft cheeses, such as Ricotta), most of a cheese’s lactose is removed. Moisture is lost as cheese ages further expelling most remaining lactose, so cheeses that are aged longer and are harder in texture are best for those that are lactose intolerant. Most of our DIY boxes are aged cheeses, excluding Fontina.

Important Shipping Information

Please note: based on degree of perishability, some products require expedited shipping. Rest assured, if ground shipping displays as an option for your order, it is safe to ship using that method.

Please note: as of 3/1/20, shipping method selected refers to transit time. Processing is an additional 1-2 days. Orders placed between Wednesday and Thursday may ship the following week to ensure your items are protected during transit.

Ground (business days and Saturday): If you're close to us in Rochester, your order will take 1-2 business days to arrive. The further away you are, the more time it will take, but hey, anticipation makes everything more delicious right? Ground shipping estimates average 2-5 business days, and orders are delivered Monday through Friday with Saturday available at an additional fee depending on shipping address.

3 Day (In Business Days): Many destinations west of the Mississippi River require 3-day shipping. This is an upgraded ground service that ensures your wonderful cheese and charcuterie doesn't travel for more than 3 days.