My Story

Cheese & Charcuterie is your go-to destination for entertaining, food styling and the love of bringing family and friends together. There are many ways to enjoy the Cheese & Charcuterie experience. You can sign up for the monthly subscription club, host a local grazing event, or nationwide DIY (Do-It-Yourself) boxes can be shipped to your door. In each DIY box, we provide artisan cheese, charcuterie and accoutrements along with a step-by-step building guideline for you to entertain with your loved ones.

Meet Michael


Michael Roberti starting working for his grandfather’s Italian import store Rubino’s Italian Foods long before he could remember. As a child, he would grate, cut and enjoy his favorite cheeses; Pecorino Romano, parmigiana reggiano, smoked provolone and aged asiago to name a few. Stock groceries in the aisles, slice prosciutto for familiar faces, and even cut delmonico steaks in the butcher department.

It wasn’t until customers kept asking for their products, wishing they could receive the same quality products around the United States. So after enjoying a few glasses of wine accompanied with cheese and cured meats, he sat down and started doing market research, analyzing shipping methods, sourcing products and meeting with suppliers. And somewhere in the middle of all those late nights, Michael realized that all this hard work is going to put a smile on every family. Italian Food, more specifically cheese and charcuterie, make people happy and give them a reason to bring family and friends together. Plus, it taste damn good.

We have one simple mission: To deliver the best tasting and finest cheeses, premium cured meats and their complements delivered to your door. Every month features new products based on Michael’s choice and the season. We personally select the best flavors from the highest rated companies in the United States and Italy. Each box is unique. Each box is full of flavor. Each box is designed for you.

Help us make a difference: Michael was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer in August, 2016. If you have battled with cancer or know someone who has, you know how hard the daily struggle can be. Therefore, he is trying to make a difference for young kids and adults to help fund research and therapies to make their life a better story. Michael is now 3 years cancer free and he could not think of a better way to make a difference than to donate to Michael’s Mission. Know that each grazing board or subscription box you order will help the sarcoma community and Michael cannot thank you enough.