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Cheese and Charcuterie

Say Cheese Plate

Say Cheese Plate

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Savor our exclusive "Say Cheese Plate" DIY box—a gourmet delight for 1-4 cheese lovers. Enjoy three exquisite cheeses—Aged Provolone, Fontinella, and Pepperoncino Asiago—paired with premium extras: seasoned olives, dried fruits, everything flatbreads, and zesty hot pepper jelly. This box promises diverse flavors, perfect for cozy gatherings.

Enhance your hosting with our cheese and charcuterie bamboo grazing board add-on. Unbox this selection, personalize your cheese display, and follow our guidelines for a sumptuous experience.

Make lasting memories during date nights, family gatherings, or with friends, embracing sophistication with our "Say Cheese Plate."

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Please note: All orders take 24-48 hours to be processed. Once processed, DIY boxes will be packaged and shipped. West of the Mississippi River takes on average 3-5 days to arrive. East coast takes on average 1-4 days based on location. If needed by a specific date, please specify at checkout. Please check your email for tracking and shipping updates.

Pick up orders are at Cheese & Charcuterie 1296 East Ridge Road Rochester, NY 14621.